The BLC Weekly Film Clips

Learning Language Through Film

This site is intended for UC Berkeley students, staff, and faculty who are studying a foreign language or who want to maintain proficiency in a language they already know. CALNet ID is required to access these film clips.

These clips are copyrighted material and are used here under the fair use provisions of US Copyright Law (17 U.S.C. ยง 107) - any copying of these clips or further distribution would be a violation of those fair use provisions.

Each week on Sunday morning three random clips in each of the languages indicated above are drawn from the pool of 11,000+ clips in the BLC's Library of Foreign Language Clips. The vocabulary spoken in the clip as well as a separate audio track slowed down by 50% are provided to aid in comprehension, and if the film came with optional subtitles, then English and L2 subtitles are available as well. Finally, a brief synopsis of the film and information on where we obtained the DVD are also provided.

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